Public Health Orientation

About Orientation

Our Orientation for new students to the Public Health programs at Tufts is designed to welcome you to our community and ensure you are familiar with all of the resources and people you need to know to be successful in your program.

This Orientation is for students joining any one of the following programs:

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • MS in Nutrition/MPH dual-degree program
  • DMD/MPH dual-degree program
  • JD/MPH dual-degree program
  • PA/MPH dual-degree program
  • Bachelor's/MPH combined-degree program

Please note that attendance at Orientation is required for all new students matriculating into the above programs.

Orientation FAQ

  • Completing Orientation is required for all incoming students—this includes domestic and international students. Orientation provides a foundation for your Tufts career, including an introduction to resources, connections with other students, and introduction to key staff (e.g., deans, concentration leaders, and staff) who will assist you during your transition.

  • Orientation will take place in two parts: an online Canvas course with self-paced modules available prior to orientation, as well as a  in person orientation in September for fall semester and in January for spring semester. Orientation will be a mix of formal introductions from important Tufts offices (e.g., Deans, Program Leaders, Office of Equal Opportunity) and informal opportunities to meet and get to know your peers and faculty. Participating in orientation gives you a strong start in the program and ensures you'll know where to go when you have questions or need help.

  • Yes! After orientation, there's usually an optional campus tour followed by a student social planned by the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs Student Senate.

  • While Orientation is mandatory for all new students, we do make exceptions for our full-time working students. If this is the case for you, please contact us at or 617-636-0935 as soon as possible to let the Admissions Office know, and we can talk with you about the schedule and your options.