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Tufts University School of Medicine

School of Medicine News

  • Group shot of the class of 2019 seated at Commencement

    Breaking down walls and expectations was the theme at the 127th commencement of the School of Medicine. In he's speech, Dean Harris Berman reminded the Class of 2019, “You graduate today not only with the skillset and tools to improve health care in underserved communities, but also to transform it so that it becomes patient centered and not provider centered.”

  • As two medical students graduate, they look back at their time as drummers in bands—and the connection between music and medicine.

  • On May 20th, students, faculty, and staff are invited to come together for “Let’s Talk: Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement,” a program being hosted at the Medical School aimed at bridging differences.

  • Neuroscientists led by Chris Dulla at Tufts University School of Medicine are studying the use of a drug that mimics the metabolic effects of the ketogenic diet to prevent the development of epilepsy after a traumatic brain injury.

  • Tufts researchers are examining ways to stop prostate cancer from metastasizing to bone marrow using novel antibodies

  • The new fungus Candida auris may seem mysterious but the Kumamoto Lab at Tufts School of Medicine believe they can use what we have learned from studying other fungi to deal with this new and deadly organism.

  • The Hirsh Health Sciences Library isn’t just books and journals—librarians did a deep dive into the collection to fill us in on some of their most unusual items and best-kept secrets.

  • Imagine that HIV is a sealed tin can: if you opened it, what would you find inside? An international team led by researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine, the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre, and the University of Melbourne think they know.