Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
Headshot image of Madison

Madison Beckner, DPT24

"The best thing is the sense of community in this program. The faculty are very supportive and are always there to help if needed. My fellow cohort members are all willing to help and guide each other too."
Hardik Parikh, MG23 poses for a portrait

Hardik Parikh, DPT22

"A good clinician is sympathetic but a great one is empathetic. One of my clinical instructors was diligent about teaching us the difference."
Headshot image of Johndar

Johndar Escala, DPT24

"I chose to pursue this degree because it's been my dream since I was a kid to become a physical therapist. The ability to help others and promote positive well-being is so rewarding to me."
Headshot image of Ashlee

Ashlee Graas, DPT24

"There are many amazing aspects to the DPT-Phoenix program. The instructors, my classmates, the beautiful campus in downtown Phoenix, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the hybrid format."
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