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Public Health Programs

Tufts University School of Medicine’s Public Health Programs bring together groundbreaking academics and research, diverse fieldwork, and a collaborative, intimate learning approach that fosters new ideas and critical thinking. Our graduates are working locally and around the world to address a range of critical health and public health challenges. With four-degree programs, multiple dual degrees, three certificates, and a range of professional development courses and seminars, Tufts’ Public Health allow students the flexibility to pursue a course of study that aligns with their professional interests and strengths. 

Learn more about Tufts Public Health programs

  • Master of Public Health

    Join a group of passionate, committed public health practitioners and scholars driven to solve some of the toughest challenges facing society today.
  • Master of Health Communication

    Become fluent in today’s communication technologies and tools, and learn to create and execute effective health communication programs.
  • Master of Health Informatics and Analytics

    Learn the skills needed to start or advance a successful career in healthcare, public health, health information management, health data science, health informatics and analytics.
  • Master of Pain Research, Education & Policy

    A first-of-its kind program that takes an interprofessional approach to studying pain in research, clinical-, psychosocial- and population-based contexts.