Faculty Benefits & Perks

Tufts University School of Medicine is committed to retaining and recruiting a diverse faculty. Faculty compensation and benefits will depend on whether an individual is employed by the School of Medicine or by one of the school’s clinical partners.

    University-employed Faculty Benefits

    The Benefits Office in the Human Resources Department of Tufts University serves University-employed benefits-eligible faculty members. All benefits policies of the University may be amended, changed, or discontinued at any time.

    Employed Faculty Discounts

    Take advantage of discounts offered to Tufts employees on cell phone service, computer equipment and software, appliances, and travel.

    Time Off

    Information about time-off options for benefits-eligible employees.

    Wellness Benefits

    At Tufts wellness programs are a core component of the benefits offered to staff and faculty.

    Faculty Benefits

    Tufts School of Medicine is pleased to offer the following benefits and discounts to both University-employed faculty and affiliated faculty,

    In order to access many of these services, you will need to activate your account, obtain your Tufts user name (UTLN), and set up your tufts.edu email address. Call the Library IT Service Desk at 617-636-2947 or email hhsl-its@tufts.edu if you have questions about your username or if you need your password reset. Additionally, some benefits and discounts require your Tufts faculty ID card.


    Access to the Tufts University libraries across the three Tufts campuses are available with a faculty ID card.

    Hirsh Health Sciences Library

    The Hirsh Health Sciences Library is located on the 4th floor of the Medical Education Building, houses collections in the fields of medicine, dental medicine, public health, nutrition, basic sciences, and veterinary medicine.

    Tisch Library

    The Tisch library provides access to thousands of e-resources, a large catalog of CDs, and a variety of feature and documentary films, as well as publications on an array of subjects. The Tisch Library is located at 35 Professors Row, Medford, MA.

    Webster Family Veterinary Medical Library

    The Webster Family Veterinary Medical Library contains materials on veterinary medicine, conservation medicine, animal care, animal behavior, and animal welfare. The Webster Veterinary Library is located at Franklin M. Loew Veterinary Medical Education Center, 200 Westboro Road, North Grafton, MA.

    Library Resources

    Electronic Books and Journals

    Access print and electronic collections, including off-site access to more than 58,000 electronic journals and 28,000 electronic books through the Hirsh Health Sciences Library.


    Members of the Tufts community can access a pass for online access to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post while on campus or off-campus. Follow the links below to activate a pass.

    IT Services

    The Library IT Service Desk (Medical Education Building, 5th floor) offers a wide variety of computer-related services free of charge, including hardware troubleshooting and upgrades, and mobile device support.

    OEA Faculty Development Program

    The Office of Educational Affairs (OEA) supports faculty through faculty development programs. The programs’ primary objectives include addressing the professional development needs of our faculty members and supporting individual faculty in their roles as educators.

    Continuing Education

    The Office of Continuing Education provides, develops and implements continuing education (CE) activities that address health care improvements and enhance the professional development of faculty. Activities include live conferences, live and archived Internet courses, journals, and point-of-care CE.

    MPH for TUSM Faculty

    Learn about a tuition scholarship benefit for TUSM-appointed faculty who want to pursue their Master of Public Health.

    Udemy Business

    Tufts offers on-demand learning with access to thousands of constantly updated courses online.

    Tisch Faculty Fellows

    Faculty Fellows develop a course, research project, or other initiative designed to strengthen the connections between their individual disciplines and civic life.

    Faculty Committees

    Serving on committees allows faculty to participate in shared governance and ensures that decisions regarding academic policies, curriculum, and institutional priorities are made collectively.

    Educational Grants

    Multidisciplinary educational grants administered by the Office of Educational Affairs.

    IDEAS Award

    The Innovations in Diversity Education Awards (IDEAS) program supports undergraduate and graduate medical education, interprofessional, and public health education.

    OVPR Resources and Programs

    The Office of the Vice Provost for Research provides resources and program to support the university's goal of research excellence.

    The Research & Scholarship Lifecycle

    The Research & Scholarship Lifecycle is designed to help researchers and their teams navigate the process of doing research at Tufts—from finding funding to sharing your findings.

    Wang YMCA of Chinatown

    Join the Wang YMCA of Chinatown, convenient to the Boston campus, and save 10% off the monthly adult or family membership fee as well as half off the joining fee.

    Tufts Fitness Centers

    All faculty and staff can enjoy free access to the Tufts athletic facilities on the Medford/Somerville campus. Affiliated faculty should go to the Athletics Department on the 3rd floor of the Tisch Sports and Fitness Center, 161 College Avenue to validate their IDs for access to the athletics center. Faculty without a Tufts ID must provide documentation of affiliation to the Athletics Department. Call 617-627-5041 for additional information.

    Tauber Fitness Center

    Memberships are available to faculty and staff on the Boston campus to use the fitness center located in the Medical Education building.

    Perks & Discount

    Click here for more information about perks of faculty membership at TUSM.

    Tufts University Events

    Your faculty ID provides access to dozens of Tufts events in the arts, music, film, literature and dance.

    Tufts University Art Gallery

    The exhibitions and related programming at the University Art Gallery on the Medford/Somerville campus are open to faculty, staff and students.

    Museum of Fine Arts

    Tufts has a membership with the MFA in Boston that provides free admittance for all students, faculty and staff.

    Apple Store for Education

    Faculty are eligible to receive 10% off laptops and desktops. Additionally, Apple traditionally runs promotions including free iPods or printers during the back to school season.

    Real Estate Advantage Program

    Tufts faculty and their immediate families can access licensed real estate experts and service providers, as well as a 15% cash rebate or credit when buying or selling a home through the program.

    Commuter Programs

    Learn about the commuter programs available to TUSM faculty through the A Better City Transportation Management Association.


    Short-term car rental system that provides self-service access to a diverse fleet of cars, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Faculty can join Zipcar for only $25 a year plus hourly charges of $11, which covers all insurance, maintenance, and gas.