DEI Committee

The DEI Committee is charged with establishing programs and activities that will help the Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology foster a diverse scientific community and improve our core values by promoting inclusivity, diversity, and antiracism.

The DEI Committee works with a number of subcommittees to address its charge.

DEI Committee Members

Our group is made up of faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and staff.


micro dei faculty

Left to right: Bree Aldridge, Andy Camilli, Marta Gaglia, Claudette Gardel, Katya Heldwein, Aimee Shen, Shumin Tan

Graduate Students

micro dei students

Top - Left to right: Ivan Albino-Flores, Rae Daly, Nathalie Lavoie, Rachel Lent, Angel Leus
Bottom - Left to right: Daniel Murimi-Worstell, Shailab Shrestha, Valentina Studentsova, Liz Tan

Postdoctoral Scholars

micro dei postdocs

Left to right: Elizabeth Draganova, Gonzalo Gonzalez-Del Pino, Alexander Palmer, Jesús Romo, Gabrielle Valles



Andressa Pesarini, Chloe Adams Agarwal (not pictured), Hannah Klein (not pictured)