Headshot image of Emma

Emma Patterson, MBS22

"Not only did I gain confidence in my ability to succeed in a medical curriculum, this program furthered my excitement for the medical profession opening my eyes to the endless opportunities within the medical field."
Headshot image of Sophie Dodd

Sophie Dodd, PA23

"You won't find a more engaging, supportive, and comprehensive learning experience than Tufts."
Headshot image of Rabail

Rabail Butt, MPH23

"I just want to do my little bit to make this world a better and more equitable place for everyone, and an MPH is just the degree to help me do that."
Ramone Brown poses in front of the MedEd building in downtown Boston

Ramone Brown (MBS '22)

"Coming into the program, I wanted to prove that my academic struggles during college were far behind me. Finally being able to do so has been gratifying."