andrew klevos in uniform

Our Alumni: Andrew Klevos

"When I was working in the field...I discovered that it was the large public health programs that had the most significant impact."
arielle carpenter headsho

Our Alumni: Arielle Carpenter

"I have been passionate about educating myself and others to create change that will curb the overwhelming obesity epidemic since my freshman year of high school."
deborah mailand

Our Alumni: Deborah Mailand

"I realized public health, specifically, epidemiology, allowed me to combine my interests and skills in medicine, science, math, and community service."
Andrew Petrone

Our Alumni: Andrew Petrone

"I realized that an MPH with a concentration in epidemiology and biostatistics could combine public health with my propensity for mathematics, and allow me to follow my passion."
Headshot image of Char

Our Alumni: Char Kasprzak

"The Tufts MPH Program was where I could learn to understand the health care system from a social justice perspective."

Identifying Hepatitis C Hotspots

Tom Stopka, PhD, MHS, Assistant Professor of Public Health & Community Medicine at TUSM, uses an innovative analysis combining geographic information systems, spatial epidemiology, and statistical modeling to identify Hepatitis C hotspots.
Lisa Gualtieri with many used fitness trackers

Extra Miles for Fitness Trackers

A new program founded by Lisa Gualtieri, an assistant professor of public health and community medicine at Tufts, will test if donated, recycled fitness trackers like Jawbone, Withings, Fitbit, and Garmin can help underserved populations get healthier.