Annual Faculty Awards Meeting

2021 - 2022 Teaching Awards

Mark Aisner, MD, Award for Excellence in Teaching Physical Diagnosis

This award recognizes outstanding physician educators that enhance the teaching of physical diagnosis at Tufts University School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals as exemplified by Dr. Mark Aisner, who served as the course director in Physical Diagnosis from 1946 to 1977, throughout his illustrious 65 years in medicine.

  • Matthew Brown, MD, General Surgery, Melrose-Wakefield Hospital

Milton O., M30, and Natalie V. Zucker Clinical Teaching Prizes

The Milton O., M30, and Natalie V. Zucker Clinical Teaching Prizes promote and honor excellence in clinical teaching. Two prizes, one for Innovation and one for Accomplishment, are awarded annually to clinical teaching faculty for the purposes of rewarding and recognizing specific faculty for outstanding innovation, accomplishment, and ability to motivate students; and for encouraging all faculty to review those attributes needed to be an effective teacher.

  • Innovation: Rebecca Lufler, PhD
  • Accomplishment: Henry Klapholz, MD, MEE, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tufts Medical Center

The Outstanding Core Clerkship Director Award

This award promotes excellence in teaching and leadership and is awarded to a Clerkship Director and/or a Site Director for one of the Core Clerkships within Tufts University School of Medicine.

  • Deborah Erlich, MD, MMedEd, Family Medicine

Tisch College of Civic Life and Tufts University School of Medicine Community Service Learning (CSL) Faculty Award   

This award honors an educator who demonstrates outstanding commitment to civic engagement in medical education.

  • Clinton Pong, MD, Family Medicine, Cambridge Health Alliance

Competency-based Apprenticeship in Primary Care (CAP) Teaching Award

This award recognizes faculty preceptor within the CAP course who has demonstrated exemplary commitment to engaging and teaching students in the primary care setting.

  • Alexandra Idenburg, MD, Family Medicine, Maine Medical Center

    • Amanda Vest, MD, MBBS, MPH
    • Arthur Rabson, MD
    • Berri Jacque, PhD
    • Claire Danby, MD
    • Elizabeth Seiverling, MD
    • Isha Tiernan, MD
    • Jeff Arnold, MD, MS
    • John Castellot, PhD
    • Paul Abourjaily, PharmD
    • Becca Lufler, PhD
    • Peter Brodeur, PhD
    • John Leong, MD, PhD
    • Josh St. Louis, MD, MPH
    • Laura Baecher-Lind, MD, MPH
    • Kimberly Dong, DrPH, MS, RD
    • Laurence Bailen, MD
    • Michael Misialek, MD
    • Pamela Norden, MD, MBA
    • Sanjeev Francis, MD
    • Thabo Kenosi, MD
    • Steven Vlad, MD, PhD
    • Seth Wright, MD
    • Rebecca Lufler, PhD
    • Krista Johansen, MD
    • Jaclyn Boulais, MD
    • Daniel Weiner, MD, MS
    • Brian Rosenberg, MD
    • Jennifer Hayman, MD
    • Mike Davis, MD
    • Robert Faust, MD
    • Robert Trowbridge, MD
    • Samantha Wood, MD
    • Taimur Dad, MD, MS
    • Craig Gordon, MD, MS
    • David Drew, MD, MD
    • Daniel Corning, MD
    • Berri Jacque, PhD
    • Peter Brodeur, PhD
    • Garrett Zella, MD
    • Laurence Bailen, MD
    • Alfred See, MD
    • Beverly Rubin, PhD
    • Carlos David, MD
    • Evdokia Eleftheriou, MD
    • Julian Wu, MD
    • Kristen Babinski, MD
    • Lissa Baird, MD
    • Margo Ebril-Lel, MD
    • Mark Libenson, MD
    • Mina Safain, MD
    • Ron Riesenburger, MD
    • Veronica Scavo, DO
    • Richard Siegel, MD
    • Phil Hinds, PhD
    • Kimberly Dong, DrPH, MS, RD
    • Amanda Vest MD, MBBS, MPH
    • Ben Jacob Guido, MD
    • Cindy Boyack, MD
    • Kara Stuhr, DO
    • Rosalind Gold, MD
    • Sarah Muscat, MD
    • Silas Pearman, DrPH, MA
    • Jesus Romo, PhD
    • Sandra Sanchez, PhD
    • Mike Talanian, MD, Resident Physician
    • Sami Hamden, MD, Resident Physician
    • Zemplen Pataki, TUSM MD/PhD student
    • Stella Chen, TUSM MD/PhD student
    • Nicholas Camarda, TUSM MD/PhD student
    • Samantha Bottom-Tanzer, TUSM MD/PhD student
    • Jacob Kickstein, TUSM MD/PhD student
    • Abraham Bayer, TUSM MD/PhD student
    • Andrew Weintraub,MD
    • Neha Sharma, DO
    • Terri Spencer, MD
    • Rosaline Bowen, MD
    • Lilian Chen, MD
    • David Rosmarin, MD
    • Michael Murphy, MD
    • Richard Siegel, MD
    • Wayne Altman, MD
    • Roger Clark, DO
    • Laura Grubb, MD
    • Karen Reuter, MD
    • Dallas Reed, MD
    • Carl Heilman, MD
    • Scott Ryan, MD
    • Matthew Salzler, MD
    • Charles Cassidy, MD
    • Jennifer Hoffman, MD
    • Stuart Braun, MD
    • Knarik Arkun, MD