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Information for Medical/Sackler Graduates

Phase II Ceremony for Medical School and Sackler School programs:
M.D., M.D./M.A., M.D/M.B.A., M.D./M.P.H., M.D./Ph.D., Ph.D., and Sackler School M.S. 

Commencement Tickets/Announcement Cards

Graduates can invite an unlimited number of guests to the Commencement ceremony (Phase I and II), and no tickets or invitations are necessary. Each graduate will receive ten announcement cards that are traditionally used as keepsakes or sent as formal invitations to special guests. The announcement cards will be distributed in March.

Caps and Gowns

Participants in the Commencement ceremony are attired in academic regalia. Caps and gowns have been ordered for all graduates and will be distributed in late-April. Remember to bring your cap and gown with you to the Medford Campus on Commencement Day.

Arrival Time

Graduates attending the Phase I and Phase II ceremonies should report to Eaton Hall, Room 201 promptly at 8:30 am for robing. (Breakfast will be served.) At the conclusion of the Phase I ceremony, staff will direct graduates and faculty to the Gantcher Center.

Graduates attending the Phase II Medical/Sackler ceremony should report to the Gantcher Center and be ready to line-up in Procession order by 11:00 am.

Phase II Details

See below for Phase II Medical/Sackler Procession, Diploma Presentation and Hooding Details

Photographs and Videos

The Medical/Sackler School has arranged for photographs to be taken of each graduate at the ceremony and to have a professional video tape made of the entire event. Detailed information about ordering photos and videos will be sent directly from the production company. Contact Commencement Photos, Inc. at 978-851-5924 for more information.