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Causes & Priorities

When we think about “what’s next” in medicine and research, we look to our students and know that the future is bright. From their determined hours of study and thoughtful questions to their burgeoning confidence at the bench, in the community, and at the bedside, their time at Tufts is a steppingstone toward a fulfilling career of helping others live their healthiest.

Our students’ ambitious futures are not possible without your generous support today. Read on to learn more about the scholarship and fellowship opportunities, educational programs, and cutting-edge research that you make possible.

  • Fund for Tufts Medicine

    Your gift will support vital student financial aid, faculty development, innovative curriculum enhancements, laboratory and technological upgrades, and library and research resources.
  • Clinical Skills and Medical Education Technology Fund

    Your gift will equip the new gross anatomy lab, along with our Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, with state-of-the-art tools, resources, and faculty support.

Support Our Priorities